where to put humidifier in baby’s room



Where to Place a Humidifier in a Baby’s Room

Having a humidifier in a baby’s room can provide a comfortable and healthy atmosphere that encourages restful sleep. The humidifier adds moisture to the air, reducing the chance of colds, dry skin and other issues. To ensure the most benefit, it’s important to know where to put the humidifier.

As Close to the Baby’s Bed as Possible

The humidifier should be placed as close to the baby’s bed as possible. This ensures the baby has access to the most direct benefits of the humidifier’s output. To avoid creating a safety hazard, ensure the humidifier is out of the baby’s reach.

Away from Vents and Air Conditioners

It’s important to place the humidifier away from vents and air conditioners in the room. This prevents the humidifier from mixing with cold air, which could make the baby’s room too cold. As such, it’s best to place the humidifier toward the center of the room.

Keep in Mind These Tips

When deciding how to place the humidifier in a baby’s room, consider the following guidelines:

    • Place the humidifier as close to the baby’s bed as possible, but out of the baby’s reach.


    • Ensure the humidifier is placed away from vents and air conditioners.


    • Position the humidifier toward the middle of the baby’s room.


By taking the time to determine the best place to put the humidifier, you can ensure the safety and comfort of your baby.