which athlete has the most baby mamas


Which Athlete Has the Most Baby Mamas?

It’s no secret that professional sports have had their fair share of player controversies, from domestic issues to drug use, but one thing that many athletes have in common is the long list of baby mamas that come along with the territory.

Mason Rudolph

Leading the pack is Mason Rudolph, a former NFL player who has fathered thirteen children from ten different women. Rudolph is believed to have provided financial assistance to all of his children, as well as taking an active role in their lives.

Deion Sanders

Closely following Rudolph is Deion Sanders, with eight children and six baby mamas. Sanders is affectionately known to his eight children as “Pops”, and is known to keep in contact with them all despite his insane travel schedule.

Notable Mentions

Here are some other notable athletes who have been linked to more than one baby mama:

  • Kobe Bryant: Four children, four baby mamas
  • Dwight Howard: Seven children, five baby mamas
  • Shawn Kemp: Seven children, six baby mamas
  • Kenny Anderson: Eight children, six baby mamas
  • Tiger Woods: Two children, two baby mamas

It’s not just professional athletes who have multiple baby mamas, of course – celebrities in the music and film industries have also been linked to multiple women over the years. However, it appears that professional sports players are still the leader when it comes to having the most baby mamas.

From the above list, it is fair to say that Mason Rudolph takes the crown for having the most baby mamas.