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Health Science Cluster

The Health Science Cluster is a combination of several programs designed to help students to become medical professionals. It is an integrated approach to healthcare that focuses on the needs of patients and the community as a whole. The Health Science Cluster is comprised of several major educational components, such as:

Health Science Learning Communities

Health Science Learning Communities are comprehensive experiences that give students the opportunity to focus on specific topics related to health and medical sciences. Through a combination of course work, community service activities, field trips, and other activities, participants gain firsthand experience in health and medical sciences, as well as the skills needed to pursue a successful career in the field.

Clinical and Pre-Clinical Sciences

Clinical and Pre-Clinical Sciences are foundational courses that teach students about the principles of healthcare and the human body. These courses help students develop a thorough understanding of disease prevention, diagnosis, and treatment.

Applied Health Sciences

Applied Health Sciences are designed to give students the skills to apply their knowledge in practice. These courses allow them to gain hands-on experience in a hospital, clinic, long-term care facility, or other healthcare setting.

Community-Based Learning

Community-Based Learning focuses on how health and medical sciences are used in local and global communities. These courses help students understand the importance of public health initiatives and how the health of a community can affect its overall wellbeing.


The Health Science Cluster is a comprehensive approach to educating students in the field of healthcare. By combining clinical and pre-clinical sciences, applied health sciences, and community-based learning, students gain a well-rounded understanding of how to use their knowledge to make a positive impact on society. The Health Science Cluster is an effective way to ensure that healthcare professionals are well-prepared to take on the challenges of the modern healthcare system.