which do not provide extra gears on some trucks


What You Need to Know About Trucks Without Extra Gears

Though many trucks today are equipped with different gears for added versatility and power, there are some that are designed to only have one gear. These types of trucks are gaining in popularity and can provide many advantages to the driver.

The Pros

The main advantage of a single gear truck is that it is simpler to operate. This can be especially beneficial to those who aren’t used to driving on hilly terrain. It also decreases maintenance costs because there are fewer parts that can potentially break.

The Cons

A single gear truck obviously won’t have the same versatility or power that multiple gears can offer. It might struggle with steep uphills or long downhill stretches. Additionally, the single gear might cause the engine to work harder than necessary, which can result in higher fuel costs.

Who Should Drive These Trucks?

If you’re looking for a vehicle that is easy to use without sacrificing too much power, then a single gear truck could be a good choice for you. This is especially true if you mainly travel on flat terrain, such as highways and rural roads. However, if you often drive in hilly areas, then you should consider opting for a truck with multiple gears.


Trucks without extra gears can be beneficial to those who aren’t comfortable driving on hilly terrain. The one gear offers simplicity and fewer maintenance costs. However, they might not be the best option for those who still need some extra power and torque. If you’re considering one, then make sure that it will meet your needs.


  • Single gear trucks are simpler to operate
  • They can be beneficial on flat terrain
  • But they might not have enough power for hilly areas