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Destiny 2: Best Infiltrator Gear

In Destiny 2, players need to know which gear is most effective for infiltrator loadouts. These loadouts are designed for stealth and precision, allowing you to get the job done quietly and efficiently.


  • The Sixth Coyote – This helmet is a perfect choice for infiltrator loadouts, as it significantly increases your ability to move quickly in invisibility and helps you stay hidden when playing a stealthy mission. It also gives you the ability to restore your Super bar relatively quickly, essential for those who use dodge rolling and Blink Strike for quick escapes.
  • Celestial Nighthawk – The Celestial Nighthawk helmet provides additional Super energy when you score kills with your Golden Gun, making it an ideal choice for infiltrator mission runs. This helmet also adds an additional 15 percent damage buff with every second precision kill, helping you take down more enemies quicker.
  • One-Eyed Mask – This helmet is great for taking out high-value targets, as it grants an additional 50 percent damage increase to all precision kills and provides you with an extra void damage resistance when you pick up Orbs of Power.

Body Armor

  • Lunafaction Boots – This chest piece is a must-have for infiltrator missions, as it grants you a buff to your grenade recharge rate when you activate your Super. This makes it easier for you to take out multiple enemies and move quickly in the mission.
  • Spectral Blades – This chest piece is great for silent and precise kills, as it grants you additional Super energy when you use your Blink Strike or dodge roll to get away from enemies and gives you health regeneration when playing solo.
  • Peacekeepers – This chest piece gives you health regeneration when you successfully perform a precision kill, allowing you to get up close and personal with enemies without taking too much damage. It also adds an additional 10 percent bonus damage to all non-precision kills.


  • MIDA Multi-Tool – This scout rifle is great for infiltrator loadouts, as it fires quickly and can take out multiple targets quickly and silently. It also grants you increased accuracy when aiming down sights and increased movement speed when you are ready to evacuate the mission.
  • Maverick- GL4 – This shotgun is great for close-quarters combat, as it grants bonus damage when you perform precision kills, increasing your damage output. It also grants bonus damage to all enemies within a 6-meter radius, allowing you to take out multiple targets without having to switch weapons.
  • Lumina – This hand cannon is perfect for sly infiltrator missions, as it grants bonus damage to precision kills and allows you to heal your allies when enemies are taken down. It also allows you to generate Orbs of Power for allies, allowing them to use their Super quickly and effectively.

In Destiny 2, infiltrator loadouts are designed for stealth and precision, and the best gear for these missions can make all the difference. Whether you’re playing solo or with a fireteam, having the right gear will help you stay hidden and take out enemies quietly and effectively.