which of the following is not a mental health professional


Which of the Following is Not a Mental Health Professional?

Mental health professionals provide necessary support and treatment for people recovering from mental health issues, so it is important to know who is qualified to help with different kinds of issues. Here, we will discuss which of the following is not a mental health professional.

Health Care Providers

  • Psychiatrists are medical doctors who have specialized in mental health and have years of experience in prescribing medication, therapy, and other forms of treatment for mental health conditions.
  • Psychologists finish postdoctoral study and are well-versed in work related to mental health research and clinical practice.
  • Nurses are well-versed in responding to an individual’s needs sometimes as simple as basic health screenings or providing helpful practice to families and individuals.
  • Social Workers are certified to work with clients in a variety of settings, such as hospitals, schools, private homes, and courtrooms.
  • Counselors hold different qualifications such as a master’s degree and specialize in individual and group therapy.

Non Health Care Providers

The following are not mental health professionals:

  • Advocate are individuals who work with people in crisis and those who experience significant issues in the realm of mental health.
  • Journalists write on different aspects of life, including mental illness and mental health.
  • Ministers provide religious guidance, that might be helpful but are not specifically educated in the field mental health.
  • Friends and Family are imperative for emotional and social support, but typically cannot meet the qualifications of a professional.

In conclusion, only the first list provide mental health professionals of which psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses, social workers and counselors are the most recognized. The other professionals are helpful, but they are not trained to provide mental health services.