who are jeremy allen white parents



Who Are Jeremy Allen White Parents?

Jeremy Allen White is an American actor and musician best known for his portrayal of Lip Gallagher on the television series Shameless. Here, we will look at the parents who raised this talented star.

Jeremy Allen White’s Mother

Jeremy Allen White’s mother is a nursing home dietary aide named Sari White. She is originally from Brooklyn, New York and raised her two sons with her then-husband, Meredith. She has had a long career in hospitality.

Jeremy Allen White’s Father

Jeremy Allen White’s father, who is also Meredith White, is a truck driver. Before he became a truck driver, he worked as a painter and wallpaper hanger in his hometown of Winchester, Virginia. He has since moved to New Jersey but still keeps in touch with his sons and ex-wife.

In Summary

Jeremy Allen White is the product of his parents’ nurturing. His mother, Sari White, is from Brooklyn and works as a dietary aide in a nursing home. His father, Meredith White, is from Winchester, Virginia and is a truck driver. Together, they raised two sons, including Jeremy Allen White, who became an actor and musician.