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Who Dey Baby: A long-standing Cincinnati Bengals Cheer

Who Dey baby is the official cheer of the Cincinnati Bengals, and it has been used by fans since the team was founded in 1968. The phrase is a rallying cry for the Bengals, and it is used to rile up the home crowd before games and during important plays. It has evolved over time to become an integral part of the Bengals culture and spirit.

Origin of Who Dey

The origin of the phrase, “Who Dey” is often debated. Fans usually attribute it to the team’s original coach, Paul Brown, who was known for his clever sayings. Others believe it dates back much further to the traditional AfricanAmerican Negro spirituals of the late 19th century.

Who Dey, What Dey?

However, the most commonly accepted origin story of Who Dey is that it began in 1968. Paul Brown was a leader in the early days of professional football, and he was looking for a catchphrase to bring the team together. He came up with the phrase “Who Dey, What Dey,” which was a play on the traditional phrase “Who Dat,” which is typically used in reference to an unknown person.

Cincinnati Bengals Fans

Since then, the phrase has evolved to the current “Who Dey” which is now used by Bengals fans all over the world. Whenever the Bengals take the field, their fans chant “Who Dey!” to pump up the team and show their support. It has even been used as an unofficial mascot for the team, with the team creating a furry mascot named Who Dey in 2004.

Who Dey in Popular Culture

The phrase has become so popular that it has been referenced in multiple films, television shows and video games. In the 1999 movie “Any Given Sunday,” Who Dey can be heard in a crowd scene when the Sharks (the fictitious team in the movie) play their first home game. The phrase is also featured in the video game “Madden NFL 2004” when the Bengals score a touchdown. Finally, in the 2010 season of the HBO show “The Wire,” Who Dey was used multiple times by the characters.


Who Dey has become an iconic phrase for the Bengals and their fans around the world, standing for strength and unity. No matter where you go, if you yell out “Who Dey,” you can be sure to be joined in by the Bengals faithful.

Who Dey!