who does riley end up with in baby daddy


Who Does Riley End Up With in Baby Daddy?

Baby Daddy is a comedy television series created by Dan Berendsen that portrays the story of a young man who is left to raise a baby girl. In this sitcom, Ben Wheeler is the central character who finds himself in the role of an unexpected father when his ex-girlfriend leaves their baby daughter at his doorstep.

Riley and Danny

One of the major relationships in Baby Daddy is between Ben Wheeler’s best friend Danny Wheeler and Riley Perrin. Riley and Danny had always been attracted to each other but hadn’t taken the next step due to their friendship.

Once the two started dating, they quickly became an inseparable couple and would often be found going out on dates or playing video games together. They also had an amazing bond with Danny’s daughter Emma whom Riley often babysat.

Their relationship ended abruptly when Danny’s past girlfriend, Angela, returned and revealed that she was pregnant with Danny’s child. Riley, who was still in love with Danny, felt betrayed and broken by the news. Though Danny and Riley try to continue to repair their relationship, it is ultimately not meant to be.

Riley and Ben

Riley’s relationship with Ben Wheeler, the father of the baby, followed a different path. These two had a rocky start when Riley was appointed as the nanny for Ben’s daughter due to Ben’s immaturity and inability to take care of the baby.

Due to this tumultuous start, as time progressed Riley and Ben slowly befriended each other. The two eventually became close friends and it wasn’t long before they started developing feelings for one another.

Riley and Fianlly with Danny

In the series finale, Riley and Danny eventually hash out their feelings about one another and it is revealed that they both still have romantic feelings for each other, despite their breakup.

Danny and Riley also decide to seal the deal with a kiss in the end, revealing that the two are still in love and will likely end up together in the future. As such, it can be said that eventually, Riley ends up with Danny in Baby Daddy after all.


To conclude, it can be seen that Riley goes through quite a few relationships in the course of Baby Daddy until her journey eventually takes her back to Danny. Out of all the mishaps and broken hearts, Riley and Danny find their way back to one another, thus proving that true love never dies.