who is abby hernandez baby daddy



Who is Abby Hernandez’s Baby Daddy?

Abby Hernandez, a highschool student from New Hampshire, made headlines in 2014 when she returned to her family nine months after going missing.

Hernandez’s family maintained trust in the authorities and prayed for Abby’s return the whole time she was missing. The speculation of what had happened to the girl, who was only 15 when she disappeared, was rampant.

Surprising Details

The world was shocked when Abby Hernandez finally emerged with a baby and the man who held her captive for nine months. Police arrested 41-year-old Nathaniel Kibby in connection to her disappearance.

Kibby pleaded guilty to seven counts of felony including kidnapping. He was alleged of holding Abby against her will and subjecting her to rape, sexual assault and other forms of torture.

Kibby is Abby’s Baby Daddy

Kibby is Abby Hernandez’s baby daddy, making his child the product of a crime. According to court transcripts, Kibby abducted and had sexual intercourse with Abby repeatedly during her captivity.

Kibby received a sentence including 45 to 90 years in prison and lifetime parole. Abby is now mother to a healthy baby boy and reportedly attending school in New Hampshire.

Finding a Silver Lining

The following list highlights Abby Hernandez in a positive light:

    • Inspiring strength and courage


    • Proving that the power of belief can save lives


    • Staying strong amidst turmoil


    • Continuing to move forward in life despite difficulties


Abby Hernandez’s story is certainly terrifying and sad. Yet, there are also inspirations to be found in her tenacity during a difficult time. Though Kibby is the baby’s father, Abby will always be the one to raise the child with love and care.