who is baby tate mom


Who is Baby Tate’s Mom?

Tate McRae is a Canadian dancer, singer, and songwriter born in Calgary, Alberta in 2003. She is best known for her powerful and emotive contemporary dance style and most recently for her debut EP All the Things I Never Said, which was released on March 19, 2021. Her mother, Andrea McRae, is one of her biggest champions and has played a big role in helping Tate grow and develop into the star she is today.

Early Life and Relationship with Her Mother

Tate began dancing at the age of five, taking classes in hip hop and acrobatics. Her mother Andrea was her first coach and mentor, encouraging her daughter to continue dancing as she developed and grew more confident in her skills. When Tate was 10, her mother took her on her first professional tour with the Alberta Ballet Company, and Andrea has continued to support Tate as she pursues her career.

Andrea McRae’s Business Career

Andrea is not only Tate’s mom and dance coach — she is also a successful businesswoman. She worked for the City of Calgary before transitioning into becoming an entrepreneur and business consultant. Currently she owns a business consulting firm called McRae Consulting, which specializes in advising entrepreneurs on how to get their business off the ground.

Mother and Daughter Bond

Despite Andrea’s busy work life, she is still able to build and maintain a strong bond with her daughter. They often collaborate on projects together such as Tate’s successful ‘Lightning Strikes’ YouTube series, which focuses on the importance of self-expression and discovery. Additionally, Andrea supports Tate’s creative endeavors through her involvement in producing performances, music and video projects.

Tate and Andrea are a true example of mother-daughter bonding and collaboration. Andrea’s hard work and dedication are a big part of why Tate is the artist she is today — and that’s something to be celebrated.