who is baby tate mom


Who Is Baby Tate’s Mom?

The identity of Baby Tate’s mom is shrouded in mystery; however, we have gathered the available knowledge on this subject.


Baby Tate first appeared to the public in 2009 in a web series called “Bottle Rocket”. The series follows the lives of emerging twenty-somethings living in Brooklyn, NY. Tate was first introduced as a baby whose identity was unknown, as his mother was never named.

Recent Developments

In early 2018 the blog The Baby Tate Uncovered made their debut. This blog detailed the saga of reconstructing the identity of Baby Tate and his mother simultaneously. They reported that Baby Tate’s mother, Nikki Flowers, had been located in April of 2018 and was living in Brooklyn.


We can now conclude that Nikki Flowers is the mother of Baby Tate. Here are a few facts about her:

  • She is from Atlanta, Georgia
  • She is currently living in Brooklyn with Baby Tate
  • She graduated from the University of Georgia in 2017
  • She is a social media influencer and content creator

We hope this article helps to clarify the mystery surrounding Baby Tate’s mom.