who is karen baby daddy on sistas



Who is Karen’s Baby Daddy on Sistas?

Karen Mott, a main character from the American drama TV series Sistas on BET is pregnant with her first child. But who is Karen’s baby daddy? That’s the big question that viewers are wondering.

The Suspects

    • Zack: Zack is Karen’s ex-boyfriend who just proposed to a new girlfriend.


    • Tony: Karen’s casual fling that she was seeing while still being with Zack.


    • Darnell: Karen’s neighbor and dear friend.


The Evidence

Karen discovers her pregnancy in the season 2 finale while she is still with Zack. Later in the episode she tells the group that she had sex with Tony and Zack on the same night and suggests that either one of them could be the father.

At the end of the season 2 finale, Darnell is seen comforting Karen as she is visibly upset. Karen reveals her pregnancy to Darnell who says nothing in return other than letting Karen cry on his shoulder.

The Debate

Many viewers believe that Darnell is the baby’s father due to their close relationship, however there is no concrete evidence to support this theory.

Others suggest that the baby belongs to Tony due to his recent absence from the show, creating more mystery around the situation.

The Conclusion?

So far the show producers have kept a tight lid on the father’s identity but some hints still point us in a particular direction.

All that’s left to do is wait for the new season and find out who will be revealed as Karen’s baby daddy!