who is lana rose baby father


Who is Lana Rose Baby Father?

With social media making her a star overnight, Lana Rose is one of the biggest names to arise out of the UAE.

While her fans are desperate to find out who the father of her daughter is, it’s yet to be made public.

Lana’s Early Life

Born Alina Benny on August 17, 1989, Lana Rose is an Emirati makeup artist and fashion influencer from Dubai.

The 30-year-old graduated from the University of North Carolina with a degree in international relations and obtained a dual degree in photography and travel consultancy in London.

Her Rise to Fame

Lana Rose rose to fame quite unexpectedly as her follower count on Instagram rapidly grew over night.

Her career ultimately took off when she created a YouTube channel where she gave fashion and makeup tutorials to her fans.

In July 2017, she gave birth to her first child, Ayla Ali Hamdan, thus making her fans more invested in her personal life.

Her Daughter’s Father

Lana Rose has made it clear that she’s very protective of her personal life and keeps it private.

In March 2019, she opened up about her husbands identity in an Instagram post, saying:

“I am not ready to share the identity of the father of my daughter yet. Respectful of him & my daughter’s privacy, we are not ready to make it public. God’s plan is greater and sometimes you never know what He has planned for us”.

She has also posted about her daughter’s father on Instagram a few times, making fans more eager to find out who he is.


Lana Rose is an extremely successful influencer, YouTuber and makeup artist. However, while she has indeed opened up about her daughter’s father, the exact identity of the father still remains a mystery to the public.