who is lil baby dating now 2022



Who Is Lil Baby Dating Now In 2022?

Ever since the rapper Lil Baby rose to prominence in 2018 with his album “Harder Than Ever,” fans have been curious about his love life. Currently, it seems that Lil Baby is not involved with anyone, but there have been rumors about him dating a few different people. So who is Lil Baby dating now in 2022?

Rumored Relationships

In 2020, there were rumors that Lil Baby was dating the rapper Asian Da Brat. The two were first seen together at the music festival Rolling Loud in 2019, sparking speculation that they were an item. However, they have not been seen together recently and it’s unclear whether they are still together or not.

In 2021, rumors started to swirl that Lil Baby was dating the singer Blac Chyna. The two have not officially confirmed the relationship, but they have been spotted together in various locations, leading many to believe that they are an item.

Current Relationship Status

As of 2022, Lil Baby does not appear to be dating anyone. He has not publicly confirmed any relationships and, when asked about his love life, he has said that he is focusing on his career and there is no room for a girlfriend in his life.

Of course, this could always change and Lil Baby might enter into a relationship in the future, but as of 2022, it seems that the rapper is single.

Relationship History

Although Lil Baby is single right now, he has had some high-profile relationships in the past. He has two children from his previous relationship with Jayda Cheaves, and he also had a brief fling with Megan Thee Stallion in 2019.


So to answer the question, who is Lil Baby dating now in 2022? It seems that the rapper is currently single and he is not involved in any relationships at the moment. However, there have been rumors about the rapper being involved with a few different people in the past.