who is lil baby girlfriend



Who is Lil Baby’s Girlfriend

Lil Baby, also known as Dominique Jones, is one of the hottest up and coming hip-hop stars. He first made his debut in 2017 with his first single “My Dawg” and has since released numerous mixtapes, albums, and singles which have helped him gain worldwide recognition and success. In addition to his music, many people are interested in learning about his personal life, such as who is Lil Baby’s girlfriend?

Who is Lil Baby Dating?

Currently, it is believed that Lil Baby is not in a committed relationship. The rapper has not spoken about his love life or any current partners, leading fans to assume he is single. However, his some of his previous relationships have been made public. According to sources, Lil Baby was in a relationship with Jayda Cheaves and has a son named Jason with her.

What is Lil Baby’s Girlfriend’s Name?

Although it is unknown whether Lil Baby is currently in a relationship or not, his most well-known girlfriend is Jayda Cheaves. Jayda Cheaves is also a social media influencer and model with over 4.8 million followers on Instagram alone. The couple dated for a few years and welcomed a son named Jason in 2018.

Lil Baby’s Other Relationships

Aside from his relationship with Jayda Cheaves, Lil Baby has been linked to several other women in the past. It has been reported that he previously dated model Christian Michelle, who he was reported to have split with in April 2020. There have also been rumors that Lil Baby has been in relationships with rapstar Dani Leigh as well as beauty Aree Knight.


Although Lil Baby’s current relationship status is unclear, it is known that he has had various relationships with well known figures in the past. However, his most well-known relationship was with Jayda Cheaves, with whom he has a son. Other significant relationships that Lil Baby has had include Christian Michelle and Aree Knight. At this time, it is unknown whether the rapper is currently single or in a committed relationship.