who is pnb baby mom


Who is PNB Baby Mom?

PNB Baby, otherwise known as Nines, is a British rapper from North West London that has taken the UK rap scene by storm. But, who is the mother of his son, PNB Baby Junior?

Masika Kalysha

Masika Kalysha is a known American reality TV star and actress, who has also experienced a career in the music industry. She is most infamously known for her involvement in the show Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood, which is an American reality television series.

Masika and PNB Baby have an incredibly complicated relationship, as they have both now moved on to other partners, with Masika having a daughter with her current partner.

Father-Son Relationship

Despite Masika and PNB Baby not being together, they have both opted to focus on the positives for their son PNB Baby Junior. They both share the responsibility of caring for and raising PNB Baby Junior, and PNB Baby is often seen out with his son, providing a stable system of support.

The rapper often praised his son’s mother as being a good mom, and she has also shown him a great amount of love and support throughout his career.

PNB Baby’s Current Partner

PNB Baby is now in a relationship with Upendo Aika, a singer from the United Kingdom. The couple have been together for over a year now and often share photos and videos documenting their relationship on social media.


To summarise, the mother of PNB Baby’s son is Masika Kalysha, a famous American reality TV star and actress. The two of them are no longer together, however, they are still good friends and share responsibility of their son. PNB Baby is now in a relationship with Upendo Aika.