who is pnb rock baby mother


The Story of PNB Rock and His Baby Mamma

The identity of PNB Rock’s Baby Mamma

Rakim Hasheem Allen, or more popularly known as PNB Rock, is an R&B/hip-hop singer and songwriter. He’s been around since 2014 and has released five albums since, one of which won Billboard’s Breakthrough Artist of the Year award.

fans have speculated for a long time, but the identity of PNB Rock’s baby mamma is still not known. All we know is that the couple had a pregnant daughter in 2018, and they named her Lauryn.

The Life of PNB Rock and His Family

Since PNB Rock’s debut in 2014, we can safely say that he’s had a successful musical career. However, there’s not much information about his personal life. He’s remained silent about the identity of his baby mamma and only speaks of their daughter Lauryn when pressed.

It’s clear that PNB Rock loves a good privacy and wants his daughter to stay out of the headlines. He’s often seen on social media with Lauryn, enjoying their time together and expressing love for her in his posts.

Benefits of Privacy for PNB Rock and His Family

By remaining silent about the identity of PNB Rock’s baby mamma, it gives the two of them privacy and peace of mind. Keeping a low profile means that they can both focus on their careers and on raising Lauryn without being subject to public scrutiny.

PNB Rock has stated that “my daughter is my motivation. She brings me joy and lightens my life even when everything else is dark.” This is a clear indication of how much he loves and values his family and their privacy.


Despite the speculation around it, the identity of PNB Rock’s baby mamma remains a mystery. We do know however, that PNB Rock is devoted to his daughter Lauryn, and he and his baby mamma appreciate their privacy. We wish them all the best in their future together.