who is sakoya wynter baby father


Who is Sakoya Wynter Baby Father?

Sakoya Wynter, daughter of actor Robert De Niro, may not be very open to discussing her private life but the one person she will not be able to hide is her baby father’s identity.

Though the pair is yet to officially confirm it, many sources have reported that the father of Sakoya Wynter’s new baby is a model, James Mariani.

Who is James Mariani?

James is an American supermodel and actor hailing from Los Angeles. Mariani gained instant fame when he was scouted at the age of 17 and it looks like he has charmed his way into the heart of daughter of legendary actor Robert De Niro.

How They Met

The couple, while yet to officially confirm their romance, have known each other for some time now. They reportedly first met at a party in 2015 which was thrown in honour of supermodel Emily Ratajkowski.


Sakoya and James are yet to officially confirm the pregnancy and the identity of the father. It looks like they are content at keeping it a secret for now though public reports have confirmed that the baby is due in April.

What We Know So Far

So far, all we know for sure is that the couple has known each other for some time and the father of Sakoya Wynter’s new baby is model James Mariani. Though they are yet to confirm the pregnancy, public reports suggest the baby is due in April.

Here is what we know about James Mariani:

  • Age: 24
  • Nationality: American
  • Profession: Model and Actor
  • Origin: Los Angeles