who is shay johnson having a baby with


Who is Shay Johnson Having a Baby with?

Shay Johnson, the former Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star, is expecting a baby with her boyfriend Anyea Ellison. The couple has been together for a little over a year now and even though their relationship began on the show, the two seem to be in a very happy, committed, and loving relationship.

Their Relationship

The two have been together for over a year. They met on the set of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, where they both starred in the season three premiere. Shay was quickly attracted to Anyea and the two began dating shortly thereafter. They have since become very close and love to share their relationship moments with their fans on social media.

Shay and Anyea’s Baby

Shay and Anyea couldn’t hold back their excitement when they announced their pregnancy. The two revealed the happy news via an Instagram post where they shared a sonogram of the baby and a heartfelt message. Their bundle of joy is expected to arrive into the world sometime in March.

Not only are the couple excited, but they are also very prepared for the arrival of their little one. The two are taking parenting classes together so they can ensure that they will be the best parents possible. They have also been shopping for baby items and have already stockpiled their home with all the essentials that are needed.


Shay Johnson and Anyea Ellison are expecting a baby to join their family in March. The two are in a committed and loving relationship and are looking forward to welcoming their child into the world. They have taken the necessary steps to prepare for their baby and are sure to provide the best care and guidance for their little one.