who is the father of serena’s baby on handmaid’s tale


Who is the Father of Serena’s baby on Handmaid’s Tale?

The hit TV show, The Handmaid’s Tale, has recently ended its third season, leaving fans with more questions than answers. One of the biggest questions of the show is who is really the father of Serena Joy Waterford’s baby?

Throughout the show, many fans have speculated that Luke Bankole, the former husband of Serena Joy, is the father of baby Nicole. Luke and Serena were married for many years, before the events of the show. However, to complicate matters further, Serena was also seen having a conversation with Commander Fred Waterford, hinting that he could possibly be the real father.

Evidence Pointing Towards Luke Bankole

  • Time of conception: It is known that Serena and Luke had been having marital troubles even before the events of the show. After knowing this, it makes more sense that the baby was conceived before the events of the show, when Serena was still with Luke.
  • Appearance: Nicole bears a strong resemblance to Luke Bankole. This is one of the most compelling arguments in favor of Luke being the father.
  • Serena’s behavior: Throughout her pregnancy, Serena was very hesitant in claiming that Fred Waterford was the father. This could be a sign of her not wanting to accept that her former husband could be the father.

Evidence Pointing Towards Commander Fred Waterford

  • Lack of contact with Luke: Before her pregnancy, Serena had not had any contact with Luke Bankole, making it even more unlikely that he could be the father.
  • Conversation between Serena and Fred: In one episode, Serena had a private conversation with Fred Waterford, discussing her baby and their future together. This could indicate that they had a romantic relationship, and that Fred could be the father of the baby.
  • Relationship history: Both Serena and Fred had been married multiple times in the past. This could be a sign of them having a fondness for each other, and a possible relationship.

At this point, it is still unknown for certain who is the father of Nicole. However, the evidence seems to lean towards Luke Bankole being the biological father of the baby.