who is the little girl in dignity health commercial


The Little Girl in Dignity Health’s Commercial

Have you seen Dignity Health’s new commercial? The one with a little girl and a heartwarming story? That adorable little girl is Reylynn Caster, and her story is incredibly inspirational.

Reylynn’s Story

Reylynn is six years old and has an incredibly rare medical condition, called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. This causes her to be unable to walk and requires regular medical treatments. For Example, she has to go to the hospital four times a year for Botox injections.

Despite the challenges she faces in her everyday life, Reylynn has a very positive attitude and dreams of becoming a nurse. Her mother, Shaine Caster, said, “Her goal is to give hope to others who are like her.”

The Wings of Hope Foundation

Reylynn’s story inspired her parents to start their own foundation, called the Wings of Hope Foundation. Through the foundation, they help support families that have children with disabilities and provide resources to help them achieve their dreams. Dignity Health has also partnered with the foundation to help support their cause.

Dignity Health’s Commercial

The commercial features Reylynn’s story and highlights the work that Dignity Health does to help families with children who have disabilities. It shows the children playing, learning, and participating in activities such as music, dance, sports, and art with the support of Dignity Health staff and volunteers.

At the end of the commercial, Reylynn’s voice is heard saying, “My dream is to give hope to others who are like me.” It is a powerful message and has inspired many people who have seen the commercial.


Reylynn Caster is an amazing little girl with an inspiring story. Her positive attitude and dedication to helping others are truly inspiring. By showing her story in their commercial, Dignity Health has shone a light on Reylynn’s amazing courage and strength.