who is young mas baby daddy


Who Is Young Ma’s Baby Daddy?

New York rapper Young Ma made a major announcement on July 8th, 2020, that she was indeed a mother. In her music video for “Sticky”, Young Ma revealed her real life pregnancy journey, and the world was eager to learn who the father of the child was.

Speculation About the Baby Daddy

When Young Ma made the pregnancy announcement, there was a lot of speculation about the identity of her baby daddy. Fans immediately took to social media to speculate who the father of her child could be. Some fans theorized that it was her on-again-off-again boyfriend, her old fiancé, or even a still unknown individual.

Young Ma Sets the Record Straight

Although Young Ma never addressed who the baby daddy was directly, she did explain the situation during an Instagram Live. During the live, she revealed she was a single mother and that the father of her child was no longer in the picture. She also mentioned that he was not involved in her current pregnancy journey and that she was raising the child all on her own.

The Importance of Reframing the Words “Single Mom”

Young Ma’s pregnancy announcement has encouraged the public to reframe the words “single mom” in a positive context, and not as a negative phrase. Young Ma has a thriving career, amazing work ethic, and is one of the most successful female rappers living today. Young Ma is proof that single mothers can be strong and successful individuals with great potential.

No matter who the father of her child may or may not be, Young Ma is an inspiration to many single moms out there. In her own words, “God never makes mistakes”, and this is an empowering message for all single moms around the world.