Who Is Zac Karen’s Baby Daddy? ‘Sistas’ Fans Are Asking!


Who Is Zac Karen’s Baby Daddy? ‘Sistas’ Fans Are Asking!

Fans of the hit show Sistas are eagerly awaiting the answer to the question that has been on everyone’s mind: Who is Zac Karen’s baby daddy?

The show follows the lives of four single black women living in Atlanta and their relationships with each other and the men in their lives. The show’s main character, Zac Karen, has been pregnant for the past few episodes, and viewers are dying to know who the father is.

The Suspects

  • Brad: Brad is Zac’s ex-boyfriend and the two have a tumultuous history. They have broken up and gotten back together multiple times, and some fans think that he could be the father of Zac’s baby.
  • Eddie: Eddie is a recent love interest of Zac’s. He is a successful entrepreneur and the two have a strong connection. Could he be the father?
  • Dwayne: Dwayne is a close friend of Zac’s and the two have recently been spending a lot of time together. Could their friendship have turned into something more?

The Clues

The show has been dropping hints throughout the season that could help fans figure out who the father is. Here are some of the clues that have been revealed so far:

  • Zac has been having dreams about a mysterious man who she can’t seem to identify.
  • She has been having morning sickness, which could indicate that the father is someone she is close to.
  • She has been avoiding all of her potential baby daddies, which could mean that she already knows who the father is.

The Answer

It is still unclear who Zac Karen’s baby daddy is, but fans are hoping that the answer will be revealed soon! Until then, viewers will just have to keep watching and speculating about who the father could be.