Who Is Zac Karen’s Baby Daddy? Sistas Fans Are Asking!



Who Is Zac Karen’s Baby Daddy? Sistas Fans Are Asking!

Sistas fans are buzzing this week with the news that Zac Karen is expecting a baby. But the bigger question on everyone’s mind is who is the father?

Theories About Who Is the Father

  • Zac’s Ex-Boyfriend: Zac recently split up with her long-time boyfriend, so some fans think he might be the father.
  • Zac’s Best Friend: Zac’s best friend has been around for a while, and some fans think they might have been involved in a secret relationship.
  • A Mystery Man: Some fans think that Zac might be keeping the identity of the father a secret, and that it could be someone she’s never mentioned before.

What Zac Has Said About the Father

Zac has been tight-lipped about the identity of the father, but she has said that she’s excited about the baby and that she’s looking forward to being a mom. She also said that she’s been getting a lot of support from her friends and family.

Will We Ever Know Who the Father Is?

Only time will tell if Zac Karen will ever reveal the identity of the baby’s father. In the meantime, Sistas fans will just have to keep speculating!