Who Is Zac Karen’s Baby Daddy? Sistas Investigates!


Who Is Zac Karen’s Baby Daddy? Sistas Investigates!

In the hit show Sistas, Zac Karen has been a fan favorite since season one. But now, the question on everyone’s mind is: who is the father of her baby?

The Evidence

  • Zac Karen was seen with a mystery man in the season finale.
  • The couple seemed to be in a romantic relationship.
  • The man was never seen again.
  • Zac Karen was pregnant shortly after.

The Suspects

  • Travis: Zac Karen’s ex-boyfriend, who was last seen in the season finale.
  • Mystery Man: The unknown man seen with Zac Karen in the season finale.
  • Darius: Zac Karen’s close friend who has been seen flirting with her.

The identity of the baby’s father is still a mystery. But the Sistas team is hard at work investigating the case. They are interviewing witnesses, conducting DNA tests, and gathering evidence to determine the truth.

The Final Verdict

The Sistas team has been working hard to uncover the truth, and the final verdict is in. The father of Zac Karen’s baby is… Travis!

Travis and Zac Karen had a brief reunion in the season finale, and it seems that their romance was rekindled. Now, the couple is happily raising their child together.


The mystery of Zac Karen’s baby daddy has been solved! The Sistas team has worked hard to uncover the truth, and now the couple can move forward and raise their child together.