who owns archwell health


Archwell Health – A Brief Overview

Archwell Health is a healthcare start-up that was founded by Jeff Arnold, the renowned physician and investor, and Charles Jones, the CEO and entrepreneur. The purpose of the company is to provide both direct and virtual health care services to meet the ever-growing needs of the modern healthcare system.

What does Archwell Health do?

Archwell Health was formed to help bridge the gap between traditional healthcare services and the modern technology-driven needs of our world. Their primary focus is on providing an always connected, patient-centric approach that is accessible for everyone.

What services does Archwell Health provide?

Archwell Health provides a comprehensive suite of healthcare technology solutions, including:

  • 24/7 video visits: Patients and providers can connect via video conferencing for consultations, physical assessments, diagnostics, and more.
  • Teletherapy: Providers can connect with individuals through text, video, or audio, offering mental health services from anywhere.
  • Telediagnostics: Providers can use remote devices to monitor the patient’s health in real-time, and relay diagnostic information to the patient.
  • Digital House Calls: Archwell Health teams up with local providers to offer digital house calls to patients who need in-home medical assistance.

Who owns Archwell Health?

Archwell Health is owned by its founders, Jeff Arnold and Charles Jones. Arnold is an experienced entrepreneur and healthcare professional; he is also the founder of Share Care, one of America’s leading direct primary care services. Jones is the CEO and Founder of Nexleaf Analytics, an NGO that uses innovative technologies to tackle health challenges in developing countries. Both have extensive experience in the technology, medical, and healthcare sectors, making them well-qualified to lead the ambitious Archwell Health project.