who shook baby christa


The Tragic Story about Who Shook Baby Christa

On the 17th of May 2002, baby Christa was left in the care of babysitter 20-year old Christopher Robinson. Her mother, Laney Mills, had gone to work and left him to care for the then 4-month-old.

Hours later, Christa had to be rushed to the hospital due to her critical condition. Medical examination showed she had suffered a massive brain injury. Robinson had allegedly shaken Christa to stop her from crying, which resulted in this tragedy.

Trial & Sentencing

In 2003, Robinson was charged with two counts of child abuse and one count of involuntary manslaughter. During the trial, prosecutors argued that Robinson’s shaking ‘fit the criteria of abuse’. However, Robinson was acquitted.

Inadequate evidence and a lack of testimony from child abuse experts meant the jury could not convict him. Even though Christa’s mother, father, and medical professionals all regarded Robinson’s behaviour as abusive, he was not charged due to insufficient proof.

Consequences of the Tragedy

Christa’s parents, Laney and Karl Mills, have to deal with the consequenses of the tragedy every day of their lives. They became increasingly vocal campaigners for greater awareness in distinguishing between ‘rough’ and ‘abusive’ behaviour in childcare.

The Mills family created the “Christa Foundation” to provide education and resources and advocate for families impacted by this issue. They also helped to promote the Shaken Baby Syndrome Prevention Act, which provides crucial training for childcare workers.

They hope that through these measures, they can alleviate the suffering of others whose lives have been impacted by similar tragedies.

Preventing such tragedies

It is not uncommon for young parents and caregivers to struggle with the intensive care required for infants. To prevent the unfortunate consequences of shaking babies, parents and caregivers should take the following steps:

  • Try to understand the needs of the infant and act accordingly.
  • Create a comfortable, peaceful and stress-free environment.
  • Take breaks and reach out for help if needed.
  • Be mindful of the dangers of shaking infants.

If parents and caregivers can provide appropriate support to infants, then it is possible to avoid suffering similar to Christa’s, and help create a safe and accepting environment for babies everywhere.