who voiced baby dory


Who Voiced Baby Dory?

Throughout the years, audiences have grown to love the fishy characters of the classic Finding Nemo films. One of the most beloved characters of the pool is none other than the adorably optimistic blue tang fish, Dory. But have you ever wondered, who voiced the baby version of the fan favorite character?

As it turns out, the honor of voicing baby Dory belongs to none other than nine year old Deven MacNeil. Originally from Maine, MacNeil was introduced to the world of voice acting at a very young age.

Deven MacNeil’s Voicing Adventures

MacNeil became involved in the acting world following a simple talent audition. After being discovered by a local director, MacNeil began voicing commercials for several different brands. His first national commercial was for Frigidaire Air Conditioners.

From there, MacNeil went on to voice a plethora of characters. He was chosen to voice characters in popular animated series such as Fish Hooks and Pound Puppies. Showcasing his wide range of talents, MacNeil also provided his voice acting skills to a handful of live action films, including Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2.

Acquiring the Role of Baby Dory

MacNeil was a shoe-in for the role of baby Dory in the second Finding Nemo installment. Known for his powerful actability and accurate inflection, MacNeil was the perfect choice for the part. Moreover, his young age allowed MacNeil to bring a lightheartedness to the character that not many other voice actors could have done.

MacNeil expressed his love for the role, stating “It was a blast. I still remember when I was in the recording studio and they played my voiceover. I couldn’t believe that I was the one who was saying all these words. Being part of the Finding Nemo family was a great experience.”

Experience for the Future

In addition to providing one of the most endearing creatures in the Finding Nemo franchise with his vocal brilliance, MacNeil also gained valuable experience in the process. The future star actor learned valuable tools to use during his long voice acting journey, all thanks to his involvement with baby Dory.

Thus far, MacNeil has definitely valued his role in Finding Nemo. He states, “Acting has been a great outlet for me to express myself. I love to act and being able to lend my voice to a major animated movie was an absolute dream come true.”


So, whenever you watch the Finding Nemo films, be sure to remember the name of the voice actor behind the ever lovable baby Dory. As it turns out, that voice you hear belongs to young actor and voice talent Deven MacNeil. From commercials to animated films, MacNeil did an unforgettable job behind the microphone as baby Dory.