who was accused of killing babies in the crucible



Who was Accused of Killing Babies in the Crucible?

The Crucible was a play written by Arthur Miller in the year 1953. At that time, the witch-hunting hysteria in the United States was escalating and the play was an allegory aimed against McCarthyism and the communist scare. The play is set in 1692 Salem, Massachusetts and follows the lives of several young women as they are accused of witchcraft.

At the center of the accusations is Abigail Williams, who is accused of killing babies in the process of being a witch. She serves as an antagonist of the play, as she is unapologetic about her actions and does anything to maintain her power over the other characters.

Reasons for her Accusations

Abigail is initially accused of murdering seven babies, though in reality the amount was lower. The reason for this number is because the people of Salem wanted to make Abigail look as bad as possible and exaggerate her crimes.

Additionally, it was pointed out that Abigail had threatened to use dark magic upon the baby, which added further evidence to the accusations. Ultimately, Abigail was accused of killing babies in the attempt to acquire power, wealth, and prosperity.

Abigail’s Motives

There are a few possible motives that have been provided for Abigail’s actions. One suggestion is that Abigail had been previously rejected by John Proctor, one of the main characters in the play, who was in a relationship with his wife at the time. Abigail may have wished to use dark magic to gain power over John and get revenge.

Another possible motivation is that Abigail wanted to be seen as powerful and respected, which would have been an unlikely outcome for a young woman in the Puritan Society of Salem. Abigail may have sought to gain power in some way, and killing the babies was a way to do this.

Lastly, it has been suggested that Abigail was jealous of the other young women in Salem, which could have played a role in her decision to use dark magic and kill babies.


Abigail Williams is accused of killing babies in the play The Crucible, and while her motive is not definitively known, there are several possible explanations. It is possible that Abigail was motivated by revenge, power, or jealousy. Ultimately, Abigail is an antagonist of the play and serves as a symbol of how dangerous unchecked power can be.