Who’s the Father? A Comprehensive Guide to Zac Karen’s Baby Daddy Sistas


Zac and Karen’s love story has captured the hearts of many viewers of the hit show “Sistas”. The couple has gone through various obstacles and challenges, but none come close to the mystery of the identity of Karen’s baby daddy. The question of who fathered Karen’s child has remained unanswered, leaving viewers to come up with their own theories and speculations. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve deeper into the possible candidates, clues and evidence, and discuss the significance of knowing the baby daddy’s identity.

Possible Candidates

Several potential fathers have been identified based on Karen’s past relationships and encounters. These include Aaron, Gary, and Jaylen. Aaron, Karen’s former flame, seems like the most plausible candidate, given his connection with Karen before and during her pregnancy. Gary, on the other hand, is a one-time fling that Karen had and may have resulted in the unexpected pregnancy. Finally, Jaylen is a new character introduced in the show but who has shown interest in Karen. However, there’s not enough evidence to prove his paternity.

It is important to note that the show has intentionally left the identity of the father ambiguous, making it challenging to determine who the actual father is.

Clues and Evidence

Small hints have been dropped throughout the show that could possibly connect Karen’s baby daddy to one of the potential candidates. For example, Aaron’s presence during Karen’s prenatal appointments and his consternation when the baby was said to be a boy. On the other hand, Gary’s reaction when he learned of Karen’s pregnancy shows that he may have thought it might have been his child.

Expert Opinion

Relationship experts and obstetricians emphasize the importance of knowing the father’s identity, as it has several implications for both Karen and her child. These include access to medical history, child support, and potentially developing a relationship with the father.


The mystery of Karen’s baby daddy continues to intrigue viewers of the show, and the reveal will likely be a significant moment in the characters’ lives. Knowing the father’s identity will not only impact Karen’s life but also have a significant bearing on her child’s future. We encourage viewers to share their thoughts on the potential candidates and their own theories on who they think is the father.