why are babies like hinges



Why are Babies like Hinges?

Babies and hinges have a lot in common despite their difference in size and function. From their need for regular maintenance, to their ability to move and open and close, there are similarities between infants and hinges that may surprise you.

Continuous Movement

Both babies and hinges regularly move and open and close. Babies constantly move, and learn how to open and close their arms and legs early on. Hinges are designed to open and close multiple times, which makes them incredibly useful.


Both babies and hinges need regular maintenance to stay healthy and functional. Babies need plenty of rest, nutritious food, and love and affection to remain healthy. Hinges need to be oiled and adjusted periodically to ensure that they continue to open and close properly.

Important for Settings

Babies and hinges are important for very different reasons. Babies might be considered the most important, as their future and education depend on how well they are maintained in their early years. Hinges, on the other hand, are important for keeping settings secure and providing protection.

Highly Adaptable

Both babies and hinges are highly adaptable. Babies are able to develop quickly, learning new skills and knowledge in a short period of time. Hinges can be adjusted to fit any size and shape, making them incredibly adaptable.


Babies and hinges may seem like an unlikely pair. However, if you look closer, you will find that the two have much in common. Both require regular maintenance in order to remain functional, can move and open and close, and are highly adaptable. So, when you think of babies, don’t forget to think of hinges too.