why can’t mormon missionaries hold babies


Why Can’t Mormon Missionaries Hold Babies?

Mormon missionaries are young men and women dedicated to sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ around the world. Many assume that missionaries are permitted to hold babies, but that isn’t the case. Let’s look at some of the reasons why Mormon missionaries are not allowed to hold babies.

Personal Safety

Since the safety of other people is always the first priority, missionaries must refrain from holding infants and children. This especially applies to public meetings or events that may draw attenders from other cultures. What may be an innocent attempt to share the gospel may also be misinterpreted and cause misinterpretations, suspicions or even distrust.

Confused Intentions

Babies and young children generally show affection by hugging and kissing. If a baby or child is embraced by a missionary in a public setting, it can be assumed that the hug has nothing to do with the message the missionary is trying to share. In most cases, hugging can be considered a sign of romantic feelings and could possibly violate the missionary code of conduct.

Showing Respect for Parents

Missionaries must always show respect for parents and guardians who are present when missionaries are interacting with children or babies. Mormon missionaries never want to appear to be usurping the authority of parents and so the practice of holding babies or children is generally not allowed by mission rules.

Role Modelling

Mormon missionaries need to be an example of propriety and good manners as they share the gospel of Jesus Christ with others. Respectful behavior and good conduct are a reflection of the Church and its members. Holding babies or children, which can be construed as possessive and disrespectful, could detract from the missionary’s purpose.

In conclusion, the reason why Mormon missionaries are not allowed to hold babies is because of the importance of personal safety, confused intentions, showing respect for parents, and role modelling. Keeping these in mind, missionaries will be able to fulfill their purpose and share the gospel of Jesus Christ with the world.