why do babies cry in their sleep islam



Why Do Babies Cry in Their Sleep in Islam?

There are many reasons why babies cry in their sleep in Islam. In Islam, parents are held responsible for teaching their children about faith and their culture, and this includes comforting their baby when he or she is having a difficult time sleeping.

Babies in Islam often cry in their sleep as a form of communication. They may be trying to ask their parents for help, or they may be disturbed by something they don’t understand. Understanding why babies in Islam cry in their sleep can help parents provide the care they need and ensure their children are growing and developing in a safe and healthy environment.

Reasons Why Babies Cry in Their Sleep in Islam

    • They May Be Hungry or Need Comfort: As babies get used to their new environment and learn to trust people, they may need to be comforted or require more attention. When babies sleep for long periods of time, they may wake up hungry and need nourishment, or they may simply need to feel the presence of their parents.


    • Fear and Uncertainty: The loud noises and unfamiliar scents that may be present in their new environment can cause anxiety for babies. As babies adjust to their surroundings, they may experience fear and uncertainty, and cry to let their parents know something is wrong.


    • Illness: Babies may be ill and unable to communicate these feelings in any other way besides crying. If a baby’s crying interrupts their nap times frequently and they have other signs of illness, parents should take them to a doctor as soon as possible.


    • Spiritual or Supernatural Causes: Some parents believe their baby’s crying may be linked to spiritual or supernatural causes. This is a fluid belief and is open to individual interpretation, but in general, it’s believed that it can be a sign that someone is trying to reach out to the baby’s soul.


How Parents Can Comfort Babies That Cry in Their Sleep

Parents are ultimately responsible for understanding why their baby is crying and should do their best to comfort them. Some ways to offer your baby comfort are:

    • Making sure your baby is properly fed and hydrated.


    • Ensuring the room is at a comfortable temperature.


    • Giving them a soothing rub.


    • Holding them close and speaking in a calming voice.


    • Playing calming music.


    • Using a calming fragrance.


It’s important to note that if a baby’s crying is persistent and hormones, anxiety or other physical problems don’t seem to be the cause, parents should consult with their medical practitioner. With the proper attention and support babies can learn to become calmer and restful sleepers over time.