why do babies drink distilled water


Why Do Babies Drink Distilled Water?

Distilled water has been around for centuries, providing a clean source of drinking and cooking water to people worldwide. But have you ever wondered why babies in particular are often advised to use distilled water for drinking and preparing baby formula?

The Impurities in Tap Water

Tap water is a reliable source of clean drinking water in many countries. However, it can contain impurities such as minerals, bacteria and chemicals that are not good for babies. The less impurities in a baby’s drinking water, the less chance they will get sick from drinking it. Distilled water has no impurities, giving babies pure, clean water to drink.

The Nuisance of Boiling Water

Boiling tap water does remove some impurities, but this is a timely and inconvenient process. For those parents who are frequently on the go, boiling water is simply not possible. But when babies need to drink something, they need it quickly and without fear of contamination. That’s when distilled water comes in. It provides a safe source of water for babies without the fuss of boiling.

Mineral Deficiencies in Newborns

Newborns generally do not require a lot of minerals since they get all their nutrition from breast milk or formula milk. However, tap water can still contain too many minerals such as calcium and magnesium. Consuming too much of these minerals can cause mineral deficiencies in newborns, which can lead to health issues. Distilled water doesn’t contain these minerals, so it is ideal for newborns.

Benefits of Distilled Water

The benefits of giving babies distilled water are numerous:

  • Clean: Distilled water contains no impurities so it is perfectly safe to drink.
  • Convenient: Unlike boiling tap water, distilled water is instantly ready to use.
  • Lower Mineral Intake: Distilled water has no minerals so it helps to prevent mineral deficiencies in newborns.

Distilled water has long been recognized as a clean, reliable source of drinking water. When it comes to babies, distilled water offers numerous benefits that make it the ideal choice for drinking and preparing baby formula.