why do babies get erections


Why Do Babies Get Erections?

Babies may surprise parents with unexpected erections while changing or being bathed. It’s natural and nothing to be embarrassed about. What’s actually happening to cause this?

Physiological functions

Studies have shown that baby boys may experience erections due to a few physiological functions. This includes:

  • Engineering: Babies’ muscles are still developing and erections help the penis become accustomed to its potential range of motion.
  • Sensory response: Touch is an incredibly powerful stimulant that can bring about an erection. Babies may get erections while contently experiencing the feeling of a parent’s warm skin against theirs.
  • Growth: During development, an erection can occur as the penis increases in size.

Is this normal?

Yes, baby erections are completely natural and normal. In fact, it’s a good sign that your baby’s body is functioning as it should during an important time of development.

Erections may occur several times each day and last up to an hour. This is especially common in younger babies since their muscles are still developing, but can happen at any age.

Never worry if your baby continues to have erections for an extended period. Medical intervention is unnecessary and won’t be recommended.


Baby erections are caused by physiological functions related to development and sensory response. Parent’s shouldn’t be embarrassed when their baby experiences an erection, as it’s a sign of good health. Medical intervention is rarely needed.