why do babies grab your face while going to sleep



Why do Babies Grab your Face while Going to Sleep?

Babies are adorable bundles of joy, but sometimes their behavior can be puzzling. One of the most mysterious behaviors many parents witness is their baby grabbing their face or hair when trying to go to sleep.

Reasons For Babies To Grab Your Face

There are a few different explanations for why babies find comfort in your face or hair.

    • Smell: The comforting smell or strong aroma of your own scent soothes your baby when trying to fall asleep.


    • Comfort: Babies feel a great deal of comfort in the familiar touch of their parents. When they reach for your face, it’s a way of connecting with you on a deeper level.


    • Exploration: Babies are just learning how to control their arms and hands to coordinate movements. When they’re tired, they may just be wanting to prod, pinch and explore their environment while they drift off.


How to Deal With Face Grabbing

Depending on the particular baby, different tactics can be used in order to ensure better and more restful sleep.

    • Holding: A lot of babies find comfort in being swaddled, held or rocked for a few minutes before being put in their cribs.


    • Distraction: A rattle or stuffed animal may be enough to distract babies and draw their attention away from your face.


    • Be the Puppet: When babies reach for your face, use your fingers to mimic what they do with this theirs. For example, if they grab your nose, grab theirs with your finger.


For many parents, the worst thing is finding themselves on the receiving end of a baby’s grasping. But understanding the cause and know how to manage it can help parents and their babies enjoy peaceful nights.