why do babies have fat cheeks



Why Do Babies Have Fat Cheeks?

Have you ever wondered why some babies have chubby and cute cheeks? Well, it turns out that babies have fat cheeks for several important reasons.

1. Cheeks are Necessary for Nursing

Babies who exclusively breastfeed will have much rounder faces than babies who bottle-feed. This is because nursing babies need those fat cheeks to be able to properly attach to their mothers’ nipples. The fat in their cheeks and lips act as an anchor when positioning their mouths, helping ensure that the baby is feeding correctly and efficiently.

2. Cheeks Help Them Navigate

The muscles around the face are also essential for mobility and orientation. Babies use these “cheek-muscles” as they learn to crawl and interact with their surroundings, allowing them to establish a sense of self. All this cheek-movement helps the baby identify objects and navigate their environment.

3. Cheeks Act as Cushion & Protection

Fat cheeks also help protect a baby’s delicate head and soft skull, acting like cushioning when they fall or bump into things. The fat also keeps the baby’s head warm and acts as an extra barrier of protection as they explore the world around them.

4. Cheeky Chubbyness = Cuteness

Lastly and probably the most famous reason for their cheeky chubbyness – it simply looks adorable! All this added muscle and fat give babies their signature, chubby looks and pudgy cheeks that make them oh-so-cute.

No one likes to see a sad baby, so it’s no surprise that our brains have evolved to respond to babies with round, chubby faces. All this cuteness helps keep babies safe and helps them establish secure bonds with their caregivers.

So, there you have it – four reasons why babies have adorable fat cheeks. Now, next time you see a baby with round cheeks, be sure to take the time and appreciate the real reasons why they look so cute.