why do babies hit their stomach



Why Do Babies Hit Their Stomachs?

When it comes to babies and their behaviors, you may notice that sometimes they hit their stomachs. It is a common behavior for babies and can happen for a variety of reasons. Here are a few potential explanations for why this behavior happens:

Exploring Their Bodies

One of the main reasons why babies might hit their stomachs is that they are exploring their bodies. Babies are discovering new parts of their body and they may do this by hitting or tapping different areas.


Teething can cause pain and irritability in babies. As part of their coping mechanism, they may start to hit their stomachs in an effort to sooth their pain.

Developing Fine Motor Skills

Another potential reason for why babies may hit their stomachs is for the purpose of developing their fine motor skills. As their hand and arm strength increases, they may start to hit their stomachs in order to practice their hand-eye coordination.

Calming Down

Finally, babies may hit their stomachs as a means of calming down and self-soothing. This may be particularly true if the baby is feeling overstimulated or stressed.

It is important to remember that all babies are different and the reasons why they do this behavior may vary. If you are ever concerned about your baby hitting their stomachs, it is best to talk to your pediatrician.