why do babies like ceiling fans


Why Do Babies Like Ceiling Fans?

Having a baby sure is one of the most wonderful things you could ever experience. Your bundle of joy gets to explore their environment and start developing their capacities. One common thing that you’ll likely notice if you have a small kid is that they seem to be mesmerized with ceiling fans. Have you ever wondered why do babies like ceiling fans so much? Let’s take a closer look.

Calm Feeling

One of the main reasons why babies are attracted to ceiling fans is that it induces a feeling of peacefulness and calmness. It often helps babies transition from the chaos of everyday life and relax. This feeling resembles that of being in the womb, which makes them feel extremely comfortable.

Visual Stimulus

Babies are tiny little sponges of information. They constantly take in everything from their environment, from the colors of the fan, to the movements of the blades, and the shadow it casts. In addition, the rhythm of the fan blades also provides babies with a unique kind of stimulation that further draws their attention.

The Low Rumbling Noise

In addition to the sound of the fan, the low rumbling noise of its motor also provides an interesting sensation to babies. In fact, some mothers have even used this type of noise to help put the infant to sleep. Thus, the low humming sound can easily draw your baby’s attention and even lull them to sleep.

Final Thoughts

It’s hardly a surprise that babies love ceiling fans. The comfort that it brings by recalling the mother’s womb, the visual stimulus, and the low humming sound of the motor easily draw their attention. So, if you ever spot your baby looking up and making eye contact with their fan, don’t be too puzzled. They’re just enjoying the ride!