why do babies like vibration



Why Do Babies Like Vibration?

Vibration can be a powerful source of comfort for babies, and many parents are surprised to discover their baby’s affinity for the sensation. From a baby’s first days in their mother’s womb to the calming hum of a car ride, some babies find comfort in vibration. Here are a few of the possible explanations as to why babies often favor vibration as a source of comfort:

Exposure to Vibration in the Womb

Babies are often exposed to vibration while they are still in the womb. Fetuses in the womb experience the beneficial vibrations of their mother’s walking and the rocking motion of her body when she moves, which can be calming for the baby in the days before they are born. Post-birth, the baby is no longer exposed to the same vibration they felt in the womb, which may be why they find comfort in other vibration-inducing sources.

Sense of Security

Vibration can create a feeling of safety and security, reminding a baby of the peaceful and protective environment of their mother’s body. When a baby is feeling frightened, or just plain fussy, a vibration can help them feel soothed and safe.

Sensory Stimulation

Vibrations activate a baby’s senses and can stimulate the surrounding neurological pathways. Stimulation of the muscles and other sensory organs can help relax and soothe the baby, as well as promote healthy development.

Reminder of the “Primal Effects”

Vibration can help babies re-experience many of the benefits that they received while in the womb, such as the stimuli that helped their bodies grow and develop in addition to the comforting vibrations they felt while in the security of the womb.

Overall, vibration can be a powerful non-verbal way of communicating to a baby that they are safe and comforted. Many babies respond positively to vibration, and parents may find that certain methods of vibration can calm and relax their baby when they are feeling anxious or upset. Whether in a car ride or with a baby swing, vibration can be a powerful source of comfort for babies.