why do babies put their bum in the air



Why Do Babies Put Their Bum in the Air?

Have you ever seen a baby arching its back, pushing its bum in the air, and wondered why? Have no fear – this phenomenon is actually quite common and comes with its own set of benefits for baby!

Benefits of the “Bum in the Air” Position

There are several reasons why babies like to curl up in the “bum in the air” position, including the following:

    • Increased comfort: This position has the potential to provide significant comfort to a baby, as it helps take some pressure off the abdomen. This in turn creates a soothing feeling that relieves any discomfort or cramping.


    • Enjoyment: Babies may imitate their parents or older siblings, or may just find that this position is enjoyable. It is a position of play and curiosity!


    • Development: This position can also help with a baby’s physical and cognitive development. It is known to strengthen abdominal muscles, which are important for crawling and other mobility skills.



If you ever see a baby curling up in the “bum in the air” position, rest assured that this is perfectly normal and natural! In fact, there are some great benefits for baby that can come from this position. Of course, it is still important to always make sure that a baby is safe when exploring their environment.