why do babies sleep with bum in the air


Why Do Babies Sleep With Their Bums Up in the Air?

Babies are adorable and make us smile, especially when they are sleeping soundly with their bums up in the air. But why do babies sometimes sleep with their bums in the air?

The Natural Position

When sleeping on their backs, babies tend to curl their legs up towards their tummies. This is a natural position and helps them to be comfortable while they’re asleep.

By positioning their bums in the air, they are able to keep their legs bent and close to their bodies. This helps them to feel snug and secure and also allows their stomach and back to expand to facilitate breathing. It is believed that this position also increases the flow of oxygen to the brain.

Good for Development

Sleeping on the back with their bums up in the air is also beneficial for the baby’s development. It allows them to get into a variety of positions and helps them to strengthen their muscles and develop the necessary control for activities like crawling and sitting up.

Tips for Sleeping

When helping a baby to sleep with their bums up in the air, there are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Place supportive items around their head: This includes blankets or a small pillow to keep the baby’s head slightly elevated. This will help them to breathe more easily.
  • Use a flat surface: A hard surface like a mattress or bed will help to keep the baby’s body in the right position.
  • Create a safe environment: Check the room temperature to make sure it is not too hot and make sure that blankets and pillows are not covering the baby’s face.

In conclusion, sleeping with their bums up in the air is beneficial for babies and helps them to be comfortable and secure. With the right environment and support, it can also be a great way for them to develop their muscles and get the oxygen they need.