why do babies spit up clear liquid



Why Do Babies Spit Up Clear Liquid?

Most new parents become familiar with the sight of a baby spitting up, but did you know that babies usually spit up an odorless, colorless liquid? This article will cover why babies spit up clear liquid, what it is, and other important facts about the common phenomenon.

What Is the Cleaer Liquid?

The clear liquid that babies spit up is called “posset” or “pumpkinseeds.” It is a mixture of partially digested food, stomach acid, and enzymes. It is different from vomit because vomit is typically thicker and more yellow in color, whereas posset is thinner and doesn’t typically have the same smell or color.

Why Do Babies Spit Up?

Babies spit up for a variety of reasons, such as:

    • Too Much Milk: Babies tend to swallow more air when they are drinking from their bottle, which can cause them to spit up some of their meal.


    • Overfeeding: If a baby is overfed, they may not be able to digest all the food in their stomach, leading to posset.


    • Gastrointestinal Issues: Babies may have trouble digesting certain foods, leading to streaming posset.


    • Crying: When babies cry, they swallow and breathe in air, which can lead to more posset.


What Should You Do If Your Baby Spits Up?

Usually, spitting up clear liquid after eating isn’t something to worry about. You should, however, take your baby to a doctor if:

    • Your baby’s posset is green or yellow in color.


    • Your baby begins to spit up large amounts of posset with each feeding.


    • Your baby appears to be in pain or discomfort.


In conclusion, it is perfectly normal for babies to spit up clear liquid – it is just the body’s way of getting rid of excess air and partially digested food. However, if your baby’s posset is not clear or they seem to be in discomfort, it is important to take them to a doctor.