why do babies stare at me spiritual



Why Do Babies Stare At Me Spiritually?

Have you ever noticed your baby intently staring at you with a look that seems to go beyond the physical? This is a more spiritual phenomenon that can give parents a thrilling and mysterious moment. So, why do babies stare at us spiritually?

Connection to the Spiritual Realm

Babies are in tune with the spiritual world from the second they’re born. This means that they are more open to feeling and sense energy that the rest of us tucked away in our busy lives. Babies can pick up on these energies and may be trying to connect with the spiritual world when they stare at us.

Opening of Auntie’s Third Eye

Sometimes babies’ deep stares can be the activation of our third eye. This is the spiritual connection between us and the mystical realm. Babies can intelligently activate their third eye, as they’re still connected to the realm. Thus, when they look at us, they are skilled in unlocking this spiritual gateway.

Learning From Us

Babies may also be learning from and picking up our non-verbal cues. We tend to wear our emotions on our sleeves, and babies are hyper aware of these kinds of signals. They can detect our emotions, energies, and body language and use this to signalize what’s happening in their environment.

Intuitively Communicating

Through their eyes, babies can transmit and receive messages. If the baby stares at us for an extended period, it could mean he’s trying to communicate something. Even though it’s not clear, he’s speaking a language that only the two of us share and understand.


There’s a very powerful and mystical connection between babies and the spiritual realm. Babies have an intuitive way of communicating, and through their eyes they can offer us a profound spiritual connection. When they stare at us spiritually, they are attempting to understand us, learn from us, and most of all, connect with us on a deeper level.