why do cats protect babies



Why Do Cats Protect Babies?

Cats and babies have a long-standing relationship dating back hundreds of years. Throughout history, cats have been known to protect, nurture, and care for babies, human or otherwise. We may never know the true reason for this behaviour, but there are some theories as to why cats feel a particular liking for young children.

Protective Instincts

Cats are naturally protective of things and people they care about. This is especially true in situations where a baby could be vulnerable or in danger. Cats can sense when someone is in distress, and may instinctively jump into action for their protection, even if it means putting themselves in harm’s way.


For cats, babies represent a source of companionship. Babies don’t judge cats and are often as enamoured with cats as cats are with them. Cats can also provide company and entertainment for a baby, which can be comforting, and can form a bond between the two.


Cats love attention, especially when it comes from babies. Babies tend to giggle and laugh when interacting with cats, and the attention they provide usually translates into the cats purring and being content in their presence. It’s no surprise that cats would want to be around a baby just to get the same kind of attention.

Health Benefits

Finally, cats can bring a lot of health benefits for babies. Studies show that children who grow up around animals are often healthier and more socially adjusted. Pets can help reduce stress levels in babies, and promote healthier overall growth and development.

In the end, cats are complex animals with their own unique set of behaviours and emotional needs. We may never fully understand why cats always seem to be so protective of babies, but it’s safe to say that their loving presence can be a calming and comforting influence for a child.


Overall, cats seem to instinctively understand the special relationship between themselves and babies. Whether they’re drawn to the attention, companionship, or protective instincts, cats and babies have a long history of shared affection. And that’s why cats will always protect babies.