why do dogs lick babies


Why Do Dogs Lick Babies?

Dogs and babies have a special bond thanks to their unspoken language of affection. One of the most common forms of canine affection is licking, and it turns out that dogs don’t just show love to their owners but to babies too. So why do dogs lick babies?

1. Social Bonding

The first and most likely reason why dogs lick babies is for the purpose of social bonding. Licking is a submissive gesture and, for the puppy, it’s a sign of respect and submission to the baby. It’s a way for them to say “I’m part of your pack and I will protect and care for you.”

2. Affection and Comfort

Another strong reason why dogs lick babies is because they genuinely love and care for them. It’s a form of body language that dogs use to express their love and affection and make the baby feel safe and secure.

3. Grooming

Dogs have a strong grooming instinct, especially when it comes to puppies. To them, licking is a way to maintain cleanliness and hygiene – they’re essentially grooming the baby, in a manner of speaking.

4. Taste Good

Puppies will also lick babies because they simply taste good! Babies have a sweet and salty taste that puppies love, and it’s something that most puppies can’t resist.


So, why do dogs lick babies? The answer is that there are a variety of reasons, including social bonding, showing affection and comfort, grooming, and simply because babies taste good. However, puppy owners should keep in mind that while licking may be a sign of love and affection, it’s important to teach puppies that licking babies is only acceptable on occasion.