why do mother monkeys drag their babies


Why do mother monkeys drag their babies?

Monkeys are incredibly intelligent and display an array of parental behavior that is both instinctive and learned. During the social interaction between mother and baby monkeys, it is common to see mothers dragging their babies. This behavior is normally seen when the mother is moving to a different area in a group or when she has been disturbed.

Safety & Bonding

The primary reason that mothers drag their babies is for safety and protection. When a mother is moving her baby from one area to another, they are vulnerable. By dragging them, she offers them better protection. It also allows her to keep track of them better and provide immediate attention if she senses any risks.

Dragging her baby also helps the mother strengthen their relationship and bond. By being in contact with her in this way, it helps the baby monkey feel safe and cared for in their mother’s presence. The physical contact also helps to comfort them during times of stress.


Studies have shown that some species of monkeys actually develop the ability to drag their babies in order to adapt to their environment. On islands where predators are found, they will often drag their babies away from danger. This instinctive behavior allows them to remain vigilant against potential threats and keep their offspring safe.

Advantages over Carrying

Dragging has several advantages to monkeys over carrying their baby. It takes less energy and allows them to maintain a better sense of where their baby is. When a mother is carrying her baby, they can easily become separated from the rest of the group. By dragging them, they are putting less strain on their body and allowing the group to move together as one.


The obvious reason why mother monkeys drag their babies is because it helps protect them from danger and allows the mother and baby to maintain a strong bond. It is also an instinctive behavior that allows them to adapt to their environment and provides advantages over carrying their baby. All of this results in mother monkeys providing a safe and comfortable home for their babies.