why do my babies bones crack


Why Do My Baby’s Bones Crack?

As a parent, hearing your baby’s bones crack can be concerning. Bones cracking in adults usually suggests something is wrong, but in babies it can be normal. So understanding why babies’ bones crack can help put your mind at ease.

What Is It?

The cracking sound a baby’s bones can make is called “crepitus,” and is caused by the bones shifting or gliding over each other as they grow. It’s quite common and painless, so you don’t need to worry.

What Causes It?

There are several reasons why a baby’s bones might crack. The most common is rapid growth. As babies grow, their soft cartilage quickly converts to bone, creating soft spots that can make a cracking sound when the baby moves. This is a normal and necessary part of development.

The next likely cause is the wear and tear of everyday activities. Your baby is most likely to hear their bones cracking when they make sudden or unexpected movements, like when moving from one position to another or stretching.

The last possible reason is a vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D helps your baby’s bones form correctly, and when their body doesn’t have enough of this nutrient it can lead to their bones cracking.

What Can You Do?

When it comes to cracking bones, there’s not much you can do to stop it. Fortunately, it’s usually not a cause for concern and the sound typically subsides as your baby grows. Still, if you’re worried it could be something serious, it’s best to consult your healthcare provider.


  • Cracking sound a baby’s bones can make is called “crepitus”
  • Rapid growth and everyday wear and tear are the most common causes
  • Vitamin D deficiency can also be a cause
  • It’s usually not a cause for concern and should subside as baby grows
  • Contact a healthcare provider if you’re still worried