why do you never see baby crows


Why do you Never See Baby Crows?

Baby crows are a natural wonder to observe, yet it can be difficult to spot one. This leads to the question: why do you never see baby crows?

While there are a variety of speculations, crows can be difficult to observe due to their elusive behaviors.


Crows tend to return to the same nesting site year after year. When they reach a nesting site, they usually stay within their chosen area, since they start using the same nest and nearby areas year after year to feed and raise their young.

Expert Hiders

When crows nest in areas that don’t give humans easy access, it can be difficult to find them. Crows are also known to be expert at hiding. Moreover, they are mindful of their surroundings and are always aware if any human is close.

Solitary Behaviors

Crows tend to be solitary in their nesting, meaning they generally do not nest in large groups or near other crows. They tend to keep their distance from other crows and will establish their nests alone.

Mature at 4-5 Weeks

Because crows reach maturity at 4-5 weeks, which is a fairly short time period, it can be difficult to spot one once they have grown and left the nest.


In conclusion, the reasons why you never see baby crows are primarily due to their protective, solitary nesting behavior and expert hiding skills. The crows also mature at a young age and move on once they __reach maturity__, making it difficult to spot them.